Thursday, November 19, 2009

most original spam

Seriously, this deserves some sort of Nobel Prize. This is the funniest spam ever...
I should forward it to every email address in my address book.


After several attempt, I deemed it necessary and urgent to contact you
with your email and to notify you finally about the

outstanding settlement of your compensation which is being given carried
out by the United Nations Human Settlements

Programme 2009 (UNHSP), This compensation is being made to all the victims
that have lost their money through any online

transaction as a result of Scam activity. It has come to our notice that
many of you have lost your money by falling victim

to some internet fraudsters.
The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT 2009, is the
United Nations agency for human settlements. It is

mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote humanly, socially and
environmentally with the goal of providing adequate

shelter for all.
As a result of this scam activities spreading over the internet, the
United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT

have decided to get details of most victims who were previously scammed by
these fraudsters. This Human Settlements Programme

is design to compensate with every one of you with the sum of
$500,000.00.usd to help settle all your debts and start a new

We have concluded all the necessary arrangements towards the release of
your settlement Check sum of $500,000.00 USD with the

financial committee of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in
collaboration with the United Parcel Service Nigeria

LTD (UPS),it will not take you more than three hundred dollar ($300) for
the Security charges,Delivery fees, if more than

contact us on this e-mail ( the check sum of
$500,000.00 USD, with your settlement Ref No:UN014-0157/UPS-un-habitat to
you, prior to your co-operation with them.
You are therefore to contact the United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD (UPS),
with the below information in order to claim your

settlement.You are advise to send your postal address which will enable
the UPS COURIER for safe delivery.
Name, Address, city, State, Country, Telephone Number. This is neccessary
for safe processing of your compensation check.

This is neccessary for safe processing of your compensation check.
United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD
Plot 781 Emeka Anyaoku Street
Area Eleven Garki

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Solid Edge bug

So, I was just wondering, who else has had this happen to them:

Say you are peacefully working in a Solid Edge assembly and suddenly the smallest of error message windows appears bearing the text: "Cannot access document". Whereupon you notice that the floppy disk on the left of the menu bar has greyed out. Promptly all the blood drains from your face. You open an explorer browser and check the folder where you are currently working from, and yes, your assembly, the one you are working on and are looking at on your screen, the fruit of many hours of labour, is no longer there. You try a "Saveas", with no result. It is gone, as if your work were nothing but a dream, a figment of your imagination.

So who?

Yeah. Thought so.

(Speak up you lonely wanderer from the future who lands upon this page many many days, months, years from now thinking this post is long forgotten and best not commented on, speak up and share your frustration) (PLEAAAASSSE!)

My coworkers know what I'm talking about but no-one here has the answer
(other than Solid Edge is a bloody thief and a dirty old liar, thats what.)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

negative mood!

I am in a negative mood, I am in no mood to blog and I have nothing to say.

Seriously funny music film: "The Boat that Rocked".

It is about a bunch of Pirates in the North Sea in 1966, if you were alive around that time, you will surely love it. The boat sank in 1967 - but the spirit lives on.

I found it the dvd in the supermarket for 19.99 Euro's. I bought it... but then it turned out to be a little bit scratched, and it stutters in bits which is irritating. So I grabbed a perfect pirated copy through Limewire.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"If it's free, it's illegal"

I'm talking about downloading music through the internet.

A few years ago a coworker of mine recited his young son's enthusiasm about their new fast internet connection, and how it would be possible to download all sorts of music. Laughing "but I had to tell him that would be illegal". But really, is it always?

I found a very funny American tv series on the internet for which I am developing a new addiction, the name doesn't really matter (it is "Weeds") but aparrently it is very popular in the US and has been going for a few years already, however it is't on the air here and I only found it after checking out The Pirate Bay - the site that our National Pride *cough* anti piracy organization BREIN recently dragged into court for illegally facilitating the breaking of copyright. That case still has to reach a conclusion.

And now I wonder.. is it illegal to download a tv series that is not aired in your country and that you wouldn't know anything about if it weren't for the so called "piracy" sites... ? Or rather is it illegal to upload it and share it (strictly speaking downloading for personal use is not illegal but would be impossible if someone else wasn't uploading it in the first place, so even if it isn't illegal that is sanctimonious to say the least...) these copyright issues are not always clear to me at all. This particular tv series has been running for four years already and no-one here has even heard of it. When were they planning on legitimately releasing it on the Dutch market, in another five or six years maybe? I predict that it will be really successful here ten or twenty years from now, next to the Avengers, Dynasty and The Six Million Dollar Man.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009


traffic generator

Just for fun...

The blogpost that generates the most traffic here is this one...

Google appears to find this a very interesting image, haha ... human nature...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

letting go

My pocket camera died last week. I am the kind of person who sticks with the same brand. So this was the second Olympus I had. Second I bought withing a year. No kidding. And the last one. Olympus, not for me. The first one choked to death over a grain of sand. The second one I bought because I am that person, and it was practical to have a spare battery and charger. The third one is a Panasonic, because they are unbreakable and I already have a DZ30 and although it is too big to carry around with me everywhere, I love it to death.

Enough with the commercials. I put my two superflu spare batteries on a second hand site. I sold one the first day, and today someone rang to make an appointment to come and pick up the second one tomorrow, when they would pass near here on their way back home from their holidays in France. That is a story in itself... the fact that they are returning from their vacation means that they do not have children or very small children, because people with children in school have only left a week ago. And apparently they have an Olympus camera but they found out that the battery ran out too soon for their liking. Impulse-buying of batteries after the vacation is over...

Anyway.. I found out that selling things is addictive. It isn't as much the money, it is setting the goal, aiming a little bit higher, and then achieving it, whilst a the same time making sure to leave the other party satisfied. That part is important. I also like the fact that it allows me to let go of my old rubbish and hand it over to someone who cares.

In this past weeks I have sold, apart from the batteries; two bicycles, a wireless keyboard and eleven dvd's, for a total of 166 Euros. The dvd's I offer to exchange for other ones, but people like to just give a few Euro's. That's ok with me. It frees up closet space, I have a small house. I have also given a broken laptop and a non-broken kids bicycle for free. And that bicycle is the reason for this blog.

I'm not ever going to give away something that works again. I will explain. The next day I found it up for sale, on the same site I had offered it. That isnt the thing that really bothers me. I offered it without trainer wheels, and that guy had the trainer wheels, now he has the complete thing. It's ok for him to ask money for it. So what if you lied and said that you wanted it to teach your three year old to ride a bicycle. Everybody lies. But then, dude... bloody *beep* ... take the offer... !!!!

Someone offered 15 euros for it right away, and he's not taking it. What the *beep* is the *beep* waiting for? I bought that bicycle ten years ago for 25 Euros. He got it for free. Someone offers 15 Euros, and he is holding. What does he want? I can't stand it! I want to tell the other guy to teach him a lesson and withdraw his offer, but I have no way to reach him.

I am sooo never going to give anything for free again!

So much for letting go...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the waterproof one please, u don't need to wrap it

.. and I dropped my tablet, I'm not sure it will ever be the same...

I NEED that camera!

The storyboard: it didn't look particularly cloudy, and it was warm, so I went out in a dress and didn't even take a raincoat. When I had arrived at the store (15 kms) it had started to look like rain. My shopping almost done - standing at the checkout (I know it doesn't look like a checkout, I told you I dropped the tablet didn't I - caught a glimpse of what looked like night outside. It had started raining, but it was still warm. When I was halfway the 15 kms on the return way, and just after grinning back at some people hiding from the rain under a bridge, already getting soaked but still warm, I got hit by an avalaunche of water... for a few moments.. minutes.. I doubted myself and thought the dykes might have broken. I had trouble keeping my balance while slowly moving on to where I knew was the next dry bridge to hide under - or on... depending... and wondered if I would know my way home swimming if things got that bad...

When I got home, through halfway-shin-deep puddles, the sun had broken out again and I discovered that my pocket camera which I had been tempted to take out of my bag to witness the violence, but hadn't dared to expose to the wetness, had just drowned inside the bag.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

butcher = scientist... since when?

The Netherlands wants to ban the controversial anti-whaling organisation Sea Shepherd from sailing under the Dutch flag. Public Works State Secretary Tineke Huizinga said last month she wants to amend the law quickly to make this possible.

The American organisation Sea Shepherd has two ships sailing under the Dutch flag. The Netherlands provided the necessary certificate of registry for this in 2007, after Sea Shepherd had promised in writing not to use violence and to comply with the safety rules. Nonetheless, a number of incidents have taken place between Sea Shepherd ships and Japanese whalers in the Antarctic.

Japan has repeatedly complained to the Netherlands about the Sea Shepherd. It appears difficult at the moment to take action against ships that do not comply with the rules, so the cabinet wants to speedily extend its legal options for withdrawing certificates of registry, according to Huizinga.


As a Dutch citizen I am proud that the Sea Shepherds are sailing under the Dutch flag. Please help convince our government that international law cannot allow for whale butchery to pass as research, and that the Japanese government should be held to comply with the ban on whaling that has been effective since 1986.

Please sign this petition.. teken deze petitie alstublieft.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

rock you

Not feeling like blogging much. But I wanted to share this video, it's too cute!

Monday, July 6, 2009

case closed...

The porn bosses paid up. Both of them!

Case closed, I suppose. Except the telco still deserves a good spanking.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

of tea and tires, an urban adventure

Today I had a meeting at the superkids school. At the end the teacher offered to make me a cup of tea but we got kicked out by the cleaners. We cycled the same way for a bit and arrived at a crossing where each of us thought the other had to go right, so we stopped and talked for a bit before continuing on. That is when we discovered we were going the same way for a bit longer after all and had been standing talking in the crossroads for no reason. That was also when I suddenly discovered I had a flat tire.

I sort of expected him to say "oh bummer for you, will you be allright" and ride off towards the horizon. Instead he offered me a ride on the back seat and trailed my bike with one hand, because his house was not very far away.

Deep in the urban jungle, I dismantled my bicycle tire and found it had a huge tear. The nice man gave me a new tire and his wife made me a second and a third cup of tea.

Monday, June 1, 2009


... is overcoming your fears.

After catching the spider he remarked that it was high time 'someone' cleaned under his bed, because there were a lot of things and fluff there (Now you wonder what I have been doing all the time I have not been writing my blog, if I haven't been cleaning the superkids room ...) so I invited him to be that 'someone', and lo and behold, after I helped him carry the vacuum cleaner up to his room he vacuumed it all by himself. That is a first, in almost 17 years.

He also learned to tie his shoelaces this week. He found his own way to do it; make a loop of both ends of the lace, then tie them in a knot. It looks exactly like the real thing and it also functions.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life is a can of wasabi peanuts

I have a confession to make, I am a horrible person with a temper like from hell. I shout at people when I get angry, even in public. I shout at people I don't know when I don't like what they do in traffic.

This afternoon I went skating, and a cyclist rang his bell at me when passing me downhill. I hate when they do that, because they don't seem to realize that braking for me is not easy and I need a lot of space. Yes, I take up half the road, but what's wrong with you using the other half, do you REALLY need to be on the same side I am?

My temper exploded, I flipped him off, he passed me and flipped me off, and then I shouted after him to slow down coward if you dare and we can talk about it, and he did. Then he proceeded to tell me about his hobby: from 1972 he has followed all the Italian giros. On his computer he has 37 Excel files with the names of all the racers and their ranks. It is a complicated hobby because the media sometimes contradict each other.

Ha. I feel strangely empowered. To yell at people in public and then get them tell you about their hobbies, that's a result.

Wasabi peanuts. I have said it before and I will say it again. Life is not a box of chocolates. It is more like a can of wasabi peanuts.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

strange days

When I woke up this morning I was just having a nightmare. I usually regret waking up out of nightmares, because I don't want to leave the dream before solving the problem. This was one of those. My house was being invaded by something and I was busy defending it, with a friend. All the way to work I had that feeling of horror, of something happening that I couldn't stop.

My friend thinks nothing has changed here since the Dark Ages, society is still just as crooked. I think he is wrong. Yesterday on the radio I heard about the Somalian pirates so happy to be brought to court in the Netherlands, because our jails are luxury hotels to them, and not only are they in paradise, they get paid the humongous amount of 40 Euros a month for doing prison work. Prisons weren't paradise in the Dark Ages. Also heard on the radio: our Minister of Defence does not want to employ armed forces against Somali pirates at sea, because that would "re-enforce the agression spiral". I laughed my head off, that is so typically Dutch. The best defence is deflating your enemies "aggression spiral". Usually that sounds like good advice, but Somalis who come here in peace are branded 'economic refugees' and sent back with empty hands, while if they attack a Dutch ship and manage to get arrested, they are assured two years bed and full board in a clean "hotel" with tv and 40 Euros a month salary. When they go back home they can buy a house. One little voice in my head says that isn't a wise defence policy... if they get life they think they hit the jackpot.. and what do they do to get life? Seems to me that spiral also risks running the wrong way. But at least something has changed since the Dark Ages...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

stupid idea

Preparing for my life without tv...

Thought I could bake the bread on the grill but it started transforming into a giant marsmallow (thank you Dot :)

Plucked it off just in time, now texture and crust are ok but I forgot the salt!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

schizo telco

My (soon to be ex-) telco UPC suffers from schizophrenia. Over the phone they are extremely sympathetic and promise leniency, yet regular as clockwork two days after such a phonecall the blunt letter arrives telling me that I should not hope to ever get this unauthorized transaction reversed. The people on the phone are different ones each time, but the initials on each letter are the same.

They must employ the friendliest and most socially intelligent on customer service, while the people with the power are nasty and sour and have dried plums for brains.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Update on the porn front: although one of the offending porn sellers still refuses to credit my bill, the telco now have exteded me an ear. I have hopes that they will apply some rule that allows then to wipe my sheet clean, in the mean time I hope I have provided them with enough material to get their money back from the uncooperative webcam artists.

Update on the teeth front: #2 is out and it went superfast. Where the first tooth only came out after a minute or two of wriggling and applying some extra anaesthesia, the second was out with a plop in less time than it takes to blink an eye. On the way home the superkid wouldn't stop complaining about why I wouldn't take him to school. Blood still dripping from between his teeth, all he could think about was missing the teachers' birthday and his session of streetdance this afternoon. I told him they probably wouldn't let him in the school looking like he did, with his face full of blood, but he countered that a normal school probably wouldn't, but since his is a special ed school, his chances were good.

I honestly don't know where he got the totally-unphased-by-the-sight-smell-and-taste-of-blood genes from, it could not have been my side of the family. Unless it was my maternal grandfather, I never knew him but he is reported as a naval officer to have fought twenty muting chinese matelots recruited from the Shanghai prisons with his bare hands while they tried to cut off his big toes. He also performed surgery with a kitchen knife on a castaway they found somewhere in the Indian Ocean floating around on a raft, limbs rotting off. I had always thought these stories were pure fiction.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

naked blogging

Went golfing for the third time. Two more lessons to go. First lesson: swing, second: putting, third: chipping.

Weather was fantastic, but on the way back I didn't get to fully enjoy it because I couldn't stop myself worrying about the sk who had insisted on taking a shortcut along a dirt path with his trike on which I could not follow on my skates... being the supportive mom that I am I let him go, reluctantly, and all the way home I imagined him riding his trike in a canal, but of course he didn't.

and the Gwynner is... win!

The winner of the giveaway is KingOfAnkh, and the reason is not at all that I love him dearly and that he is the oldest and most loyal of my blogging friends, because that would be a really poor basis for a random net-neutral giveaway.

The random number generator decided. But I am happy the prize goes to Gwyn because he needs a decent meal of stroopwafels after all the dried noodles he's been dining on lately.

Could you please mail your current address to ?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This package I received from Dick - Eye on Texel today. I won his giveaway last week. thank you Dick :) I think you were a little bit disappointed by having to yield this prize to another Dutchman, but honestly, all these things except the clogs are as foreign to me as if they were from another country. Besides, Texel where you live isn't even attached to the Netherlands. If it weren't for the fact that you speak Dutch like me, Texel would be right out there with other foreign islands like Great Britain, Denmark and Hawai. The sheep-milk soap smells very lovely and exotic and foreign, and I am very much looking forward to tasting the "Juttertje" kruidenbitter. Apart from the fact that I have never tasted the kruidenbitter, it is so cool because of the name... we don't have "jutters" here in the south. Garbage men, maybe, but although I am highly fond of my garbage men and life would not be the same without them, a garbage collector on the beach of Scheveningen is worlds apart from a Texel beach jutter. Your gift could not have found a more grateful and more foreign recipient.

This was the first giveaway I ever entered, and coincidentally the first one that I won! So naturally given my 100% positive experiences with the phenomenon I am now vividly pro-giveaways, and I have decided to do one too.

If you think the clogs look vaguely familiar, you are correct. Given the fact that this is the soggiest, wettest and lowest-below-sea-levelest part of the Netherlands and possibly of all of Europe excluding some parts of the South French Camargue where all the pink bipeds you see are flamingos, clogs are a very useful piece of footwear. I regularly meet old people who wear them, sometimes not so old people, and kids too. With the consent of the original giver, who intended them to end up with someone not Dutch, I have decided to pass them on. But slightly personalized.

You will notice the change in theme; from sheep to windmills. Most of the many old windmills that remain in this part of the country were used to keep the land dry. They do not fulfill that function any more, these windmills here are now mere monuments and pumps have taken over.

This giveaway consists of:

One small bag of Old Dutch sweet liquorice,
One leather bound notebook with a drawing of a windmill by the classic Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn
One tin of Gouda stroopwafels (to make good for the liquorice), decorated with Delfts blue paintings of windmills
A bunch of coloured candy tulips
And a personalized set of miniature clogs.

I will appply the same rules as were applied in the Eye on Texel giveaway, if you want in, comment and I will assign you a number in the order of the comments. Only one number per commentor. Sunday May 10 at 8PM Dutch time I will let this random number generator pick a winner. Provided there is more than one entrant, otherwise I can do it myself.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Queens day 2009

There has been an attack on the queen and her family yesterday, on her birthday.

A 38 year old man drove his small black car at high speed through the audience and two barricades on purpose to hit the open coach the royal family were parading in. He just missed them, and a policeman on a bicycle standing in front of the monument he hit when his car stopped. On his way there he had hit 17 people in the audience, dragging some along a few meters, others flying in the air. 5 people died. The man is presumed to have lost consciousness shortly after the crash and at this moment he is believed to be brain dead. EDIT: - as I was writing this, the news came that he died.

Everything about this incident is shocking. How the festivities on a lovely day were transformed into a tragedy in seconds. The desperation of the man who did it. The utter desperation. maybe that is what scares me personally the most; that I feel more sympathy for him, than horror at what he did to 17 innocent bystanders and their families. He is described as a quiet, lonely and reserved individual who did not have friends, but people who knew him at a distance described him as intelligent, funny, and very kind.

He had been fired from his job a few months ago and was moving out of his appartment because he could not pay the high rent. He was supposed to hand over the key today.

He had never been in touch with justice and had no history of mental illness.

This act of desperation makes me feel so incredibly sad. The very fact that a person other people describe as "funny and kind" would want to do something like this. There is something wrong in this country.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

licht... tegenlicht

The golf lesson was a slamming success with the superkid. We even managed to hit a couple of balls, one of mine must have made 50 meters, I just couldn't exactly track in which direction. For reference, the pro did about 240 easily.

The superkid loved it. Fortunately the weather cleared halfway the afternoon and it wasn't raining any more when we walked there. Unfortunately I had miscalculated the time it would take to walk two kilometers.. Google maps had erroneously told me that if we took the long route of 5 km that would take 9 minutes to walk. Windows Live sent me in completely the other direction. None of the walking tracks between here and the golf course are even on there. I knew that it would be around 2 kilometers taking the short way, calculating with the sk's lack of exercise I went with Google maps estimate of 9 minutes. We left 20 minutes ahead of time. Only when I looked at my clock 10 minutes later, I realized Google maps had been way off, and 9 minutes might be what it would take to travel a distance of 5 kms by bike, not foot, unless you are a very fast runner. That's what I get for following directions.

the code

The superkid doesn't want to wear jeans to the first golf lesson, because the dress code is "no jeans on the greens". I told him it's ok, we're not allowed on the greens yet, we don't have to follow the dress code. But he will not be convinced. He is wearing his blue sunday trousers. I will tell the school, if they had a dress code that said "no open fly", "no untied shoelaces", "no wearing your shirt inside out and upside down" that might save them and me a lot of trouble.

Friday, April 24, 2009

boss over boss

I had a call today. On my new xperia that I got for 1 Eurocent at the phone shop and which has Aboriginal didgeridoo ringtones ok that's enough of that, stop licking the xperia I got a call from the porn boss I've been bombaarding with threat letters (one threat letter) (read "threat" = "registered"). The porn boss... the guy who owns the number the superkid called to access the website with the scarce clad females... he was very sympathetic. I told him that the sk basically wanted to involve the girls in conversation, that he told them his name and his age and stuff like that.

In fact I questioned the sk and asked him if he had talked about their bodies or said that he would like to make love to those girls. He said no... "I might have been thinking that, but I didn't actually say it" and "we just talked about who we were... etcetera" *shrug*

The prn boss has to take my complaint back to his client, the owner of the website, but he gave me hope that they will straighten the bill out with us. He said that they are going to filter out the conversations that have sprung from my IP number and if they really only contain material such as the above, that will strongly work in our favour. I almost got to like the prn boss. Imagine that. Nevertheless, I would like to see some rulz changed. Seriously. Kids should never be made to pay for porn.

Strangely in this country at the age of 16 kids are judged old enough to see porn, but not untill the age of 18 are they judged mature enough to pay large amouts of money. If applied with some care, that set of rules could work out well ... it gives give young adults the space of two years to get used to the stuff and find out whether or not it's worth paying the price.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

abandoning the premises

I am leaving it like this for the moment. Be honest, there must be plenty over-educated overpaid underemployed academics out there willing to lay down tons of money for this stonewashed look in interior decorating. Very modern. Sanding causes a terrible mess, but as you can see, it is worth every bit of it.

Out. Goodbye!

I <3 Ffox

This morning I have cleaned out the superkids computer entirely. After gathering and storing in a safe place all the incriminating evidence I could find and had the stomach to look at. I was appalled to find web addresses of sites advertising services like: instant access without credit card, (to either game sites or porn sites) anonymous online payments no credit card needed, (for example students can buy goods like condoms in this way, which in itself is not a bad thing, but why should the students feel the need to stay anonymous while buying the condoms, I ask...) ... etc.

I installed Ubuntu and Firefox with parental control in the form of an add-on named WOT. I am happy to find that I can still access my own blog, even though it is now full of porn and sex, and even the blog of Eveline Blondeau, which in addition has nudity but which I personally love to visit nonetheless and which I am not afraid to recommend to other adults of any age even the young ones (understanding the French language helps but is not always required to enjoy her exquisite sense of humour.) But to my relief Firefox now blocks acces to some of the links the author of that site may not have full control over and that I do not care to stumble upon.

For the moment the SK will be surfing safely. Now I shall be waiting in fear and anxiety for the day he discovers Opera....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a compelling urge for porn

It has been a few days now, that I am having this irresistable urge to write about porn. In Dutch preferrably, but maybe I should practise a bit in English first and then try to get it right before I lash out at my government with irrefutable arguments that will not be ignored and succeed in changing the law (like that will happen). (Something like this would be nice, does this only apply in UTAH?)

My beef is with the accessibility of hard-core porn through the interweb by minors. Also with the ease minors can pay for internet porn via telephone.

I have heard several arguments proving that the fault is really mine:

1. I neglected to block 0906 and 0909 paid "information" phone services. People, I never asked for these paid information services in the first place, never used them. No paid information service was ever called from my phone line before Saturday a week ago. Am I being accused of negligence for not blocking a service that I was hardly even aware I had access to?

2. I neglected to block access to adult websites on my computers. But who would have thought, if there is a wireless access point in the house, kids can watch porn on their PSP through WiFi ? I bet they never told you about that.

It must be clear that in this day and age, parents are not capable of shielding their kids from seeing porn. The only ones who can do that are the porn business. By law however, they do not appear to be held to do so. I would like to see that changed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

we've got balls

On the little bicycle ride I forced the superkid to join me (I was on skates, he on his bike) we discovered that the surf spot has a new neighbour, a golf course. The superkid hates surfing because he gets wet. But he likes golf. He played minigolf once and he's a champion on the Wii. It is a very fitting sport and not too physical for him. I decided that it would probably be cheaper than keeping him home on the couch so I signed us up. I love it already. They gave us each a nice relaxation pack, it has a ball (to squeeze?) a set of giant toothpicks and a minimalistic bottle opener. Those dudes rock!

Ignorance is not bliss

I just found the phone. I didn't know that I had lost it, but at some point I became aware of a small voice repeating the same sequence over and over again, and a search of the talking mouse led to the phone that was lying under the couch, and from which a voice came that chimed the ominous mantra: "Your code has been accepted. You now have access to the site untill you break the connection". It had been singing this song for 40 minutes already, and who knows how long and how many times it had sung this before.

Who was it that said it is easier to raise boys than girls?

The perpetrator had already gone to bed. Needless to say I have given him the scare of his life and he is paying this phone bill out of his own pocket money. By the looks of it he will still be paying it off when he turns 21. I am also filing a complaint with the phone provider and with OPTA, because this seems to me a far too easy way for semi legal businesses to rob unsuspecting people of their money.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What the internet does not tell you about Zelliges - oh wait, here it is

If the website says bumpy, they mean top, side and bottom, and they forgot to mention the indentations.

If they say thickness may vary by 1.5 mm, they mean thickness will vary by 5 mm occasionally plus your tile can be flat, curved or hollow.

If they say try to minimize sharp edges, they mean there will be sharp edges whatever you do. Do not expect baby-smoothness and take extra care while placing them. Zelliges are tricky.

But you may still love them. I certainly do.

I helped the tiler because he wished to spend this Christmas with his family. Easter too, if possible. So I pasted while he cut. Pasting isn't that difficult if you take it easy, but I tried cutting a few as well and failed miserably in spite of what the tilerman said about all those other people who complain about the difficulty of cutting tiles "they probably don't have this cutter" pointing at his machine. Well I tried, and it really wasn't the cutter making the difference, it was Himself.

My tiler is old, and he rocks.